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About John Saxon


John Saxon was born in Tyler, Texas and was raised in Waco and Houston. His early loves were math and the piano. He earned two mathematics degrees and made a career in computer programming but kept piano lessons going on the side. After 6 1/2 years in Japan, he now lives in Colorado.

Spiritual Path

John's mathematical side loved the axiomatic approach to the Bible of his boyhood Seventh-Day Adventist faith, but close scriptural study eventually led to a necessary relaxing of the inerrancy condition. Thus began a long period of questioning.

John's intuitive voice had broken through at rare moments with tidbits of trivial but true foreknowledge ("There will be a parking space at..."), troubling his analytical world view. An honest attempt to study and understand this phenomenon led him to an energy healing apprenticeship with Michael Tamura and clairvoyant training with Naomi Horii in 2005.

Genesis of Piano Readings

A reading in 2001 revealed John's clairaudience and gave instructions to begin playing piano readings. Despite a hearty "Yeah, right!", subsequent readings in 2004 and 2005 confirmed this, and finally John began work in October, 2007. He now gives piano readings for both individuals and groups.